The source for Miami County historical information

  • Available here in our Library are:
  • Original Records (from the Miami County Court House, Paola, KS)
  • Real Estate Tax Journals, 1860-1940
  • Enumeration Books to 1979
  • Probate Records 1858-1941 (Indexed on CD)*
  • Probate Records 1942-1980 (Processing)
  • Felony Court Records
  • School Records & Rosters of Teachers, 1881-1969
  • Marriage Licenses, 1885-1911 (Indexed)
  • District Court Records
  • Miami County Newspapers 1873 to date (Work in Progress)
  • Documented information used for compiling the 150 year Paola history book.

    Misc. Research Resources
    (compiled by volunteers since organization was formed)

  • Obituary Files-Clippings from original newspaper notices (35,000 and continuous additions)
  • Funeral home book indexes
  • Births-Clippings from original newspaper notices-continuous
  • Cemetery Books-Three volumes containing records of burials in Miami County
  • Barns of Miami County - A pictorial, informational documentation on existing barns, 2002*
  • Family Histories of Miami County - Two volumes containing individual stories submitted by
    family members*
  • Surname Files - Records, documents, queries from various submitters doing research of
    their families
  • School Year Books -  Paola, Osawatomie, Louisburg, Ursuline Academy
  • Funeral Home & Basic Osawatomie State Hospital Records
  • Photo Albums and Scrapbooks - Compiled and donated by various residents List of
  • Oral Histories - Taped interview histories by many Miami County citizens
  • Genealogy Family Histories, Records (Book Form) Compiled & donated by many family
  • KS State Quarterlies and Annuals
  • Files of Miami County Information:  Fairs, Murder, Indian History, Towns, Railroads,
    Schools, Businesses, Officials, State Hospital, etc.
  • A compiled 1890 census for Miami County from county ledger books.

    *Items were published by our society(ies) and available for purchase.  All known
    corrections have been annotated and are in our files.

    We are constantly receiving vital information to add to our files.

    Micro Film (a new reader printer is available for researchers)
    Marriage Licenses - 1855
    Federal Census (Miami and surrounding counties) 1850 -1920
    Births & Deaths - 1885-1911
    County Records - 80 Rolls

    All research is done by volunteers for a nominal research fee.  ALL monies are
    donated to support and maintain our genealogy facility.  Please contact any of the
    following for questions, requests or assistance on your Miami County, KS family
    research.  Our "in house" volunteers are always happy to help you!

    Betty Bendorf, Librarian

Miami County District Court Records 1850
through 1920 (pdf)
This is a very large file
allow time to download
    The Miami County Genealogy Society Research Library is housed in the Miami
    County Swan River Museum.  (Under the name of Hunt-Russell Library, the original
    founders-Ethel J. Hunt and Mildred Russell).  The library houses a perpetual
    research inventory created and maintained by dedicated volunteers - a really
    valuable research tool.
Miami County District Cemetery Records
soon to come
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Miami County Kansas Obituaries (pdf)
This is a very large file
allow time to download